Suzy's Homemade Food

Here at Suzy's, you will find a selection of Korean Cuisine, American Plates, & Teriyaki Style meals, most of them family recipes. We specialize mainly in Korean food, but our BBQ Pork Ribs is a popular favorite, & our homemade lumpia is the best in town, so don't be afraid to try our other menus!

A little about eating Korean food:

When you order a Korean entree or Korean BBQ Platter, you will be served steamed rice and homemade "banchan."

Banchan [a Korean word meaning side dish] generally consists of different small plates of vegetables (sometimes seafood) that you eat along with your meal. Kimchi, the infamous fermented spicy cabbage, is made only by Suzy here, as well as other handmade sides. Let us know of any allergies or preferences before ordering, & we will try to accommodate to your needs! Let us know if you're Military for a 5% discount!

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Call for take-out & catering (360) 373-3368

Tuesday-Friday: 10:30-8pm
Saturday: 11am-8pm
Sunday & Monday: Closed